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Floating Pond Aerators

Pond Aerators are the perfect addition to any body of water to aid in water clarification, circulation and de-stratification of your Pond or Lake. Models are available from ½ to 5hp. Aeration is very important to a pond by providing oxygen, and deep water circulation. It reduces algae, minimizes insects, eliminates many odor problems and can provide a healthy home for aquaculture by preventing stratification where sediments are a problem. A Pond Aeration System used during the winter will provide oxygen to the pond and also provide circulation of deeper warmer water, and water movement at the surface to keep an area of the top of the pond from freezing. The Mirage aerator can be used in the wintertime as a deicer for water fowl, fish or to prevent damage to structures in the water. Commercial units work well to suspend solids in wastewater applications or to keep water clear of stagnation in retention ponds.

  NOTE: Pattern sizes listed for water deflector are approximate. Variations in voltage caused by regional electrical differences or voltage drop due to longer power cords may result in reduced pattern sizes. In some cases inclimate weather may cause reduced pattern sizes. Measurements are subject to change without notice.

Mirage Floating Aerators

When creating your Mirage Aerator there are many options available to suit your pond's needs. With either the 1/2 to 5 HP Franklin Submersible Motor and your choice of 3 available water patterns. It is easy to select the look and functionality you desire.

Using a propeller to pump water through a drive structure, the Mirage Aerator will move 500-3400 gpm of water keeping your pond crystal clear, economically and efficiently. In the winter months, any Mirage Aerator can be used as a De-Icer to protect any structure in the water from damage. All Mirage Aerators come complete with marine ropes and power cable for easy installation.

We are pleased to inform you that our Mirage line of Floating Aerators are fully ETL approved. They meet UL and CSA standards for safety.

Mirage Pond Aerator Nozzle

Mirage Nozzle

The Mirage Aerator produces a large amount of water movement with a minimal size spray. The 1/2 hp unit creates enough water movement to sufficiently aerate a 1/2 acre pond while the 1hp unit will aerate up to 1.5 acres. This aerator is perfect for aerating any body of water that requires a great deal of oxygen to prevent stagnation.

Lotus Fountain Nozzle

Lotus Nozzle

The Lotus’ adjustable water deflector creates either a tall column of water landing in 4 spouts or 4 wide sprays of water that can extend 41’with the 1hp model. It will sufficiently aerate 1/2 to 1.5 acre ponds while displaying a beautiful spray pattern.

Bell Flower Fountain Nozzle

Bell Flower Nozzle

The bell flower aerator creates a strong, cone like spray pattern. The 1/2 hp unit creates enough water movement to sufficiently aerate a 1/2 acre pond while the 1hp unit will aerate up to 1.5 acres. This spectacular display creates an elegant look when lighted with one of our light kits.



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